Airline Industry News – February 2019 in Review

Welcome to the monthly Yieldr update. Here are the airline industry headlines that caught our attention in February.

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We added advanced Facebook ad targeting, which means we can sync data directly with Facebook without any restrictions. Check out the product update for more details.

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Company Culture

A while has passed since Yieldr's early days when Software Engineering was first established. Our CTO Alex goes through how the our stack has evolved since 2012. You can also read about Loek, our junior financial officer.

Industry Insights

Growth for Airlines

Our final two articles of our Growth Framework for Airlines series are out. Part 3 looks at personalization and dynamic pricing. Part 4 focuses on direct distribution and demand forecasting. Missed out on the first two? Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2.

Industry News


Flybe was saved due to an acquisition by Connect Airways, but Germania declared insolvency and Flybmi collapsed. Analysts say the airline failures won't end.

Airlines have been moving toward smaller and more efficient aircraft. As a result, Airbus will stop making the world's biggest passenger plane, the A380, in 2021.

Business Deals

Marking the next chapter in Amadeus and Qantas’ longstanding partnership, Amadeus has signed a new distribution agreement with Qantas.

Delta and EasyJet may invest over $450 million to revamp the struggling Italian airline Alitalia. As part of the deal, they may get up to 40% in the new company.


Airbnb has hired airline industry veteran Fred Reid as global head of transportation. Reid says there are "tremendous opportunities", so will Airbnb conquer the skies?

Stay tuned for the debut of Honeywell's hybrid-electric turbogenerator for electric aircraft. This tech could enable aircraft designers to create more advanced planes.


The UN’s Corsia scheme is designed to ensure that CO2 emissions from international flights after 2020 will be carbon neutral. Here's how Corsia will work.

In its February meeting, ICAO established global measures to address aviation’s environmental impact, addressing noise, local air quality and global climate.

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