Airline Industry News – June 2018 in Review

We're halfway through the year! Let's review June's major headlines about the airline industry.

Yieldr Group Website

Have you seen the big reveal? We've gone live with our new website to reflect our group brand and bespoke products Yieldr Air and Yieldr Ads. See it all at and let us know what you think.

Our CMO Joe introduces our new website and branding in the blog. He also reflects on how a brand should be a constantly evolving entity by explaining how we created the next evolution of Yieldr.

Yieldr News

We previously covered which airlines have big fleet growth planned. This time around, we focused on backorder totals. Find out which airlines have the highest backorders in our infographic.

At Yieldr we believe it's crucial to bring marketing and revenue management together. Check out the latest infographic for 7 ways to optimize the workflow. We also have a bonus white paper for you.

If you're interested in the people behind Yieldr, then it's a good time to meet our women in engineering. Our designer Rita also recounts her time at OFFF Barcelona.

Industry News


Still chasing the dream of flying business class? It's all possible with airline miles or credit-card points that transfer to frequent-flier programs. Here's how to book the world's best business class seats.

Jet fuel prices remain a big issue for airlines. Other threats include low-cost/long-haul and a pilot shortage. Despite record-breaking revenue expected in 2018, airline bosses face important issues.

Business Deals

Here's one we want to shout from the skies - Air Italy has selected Yieldr Air as the software of choice for customer personalization and revenue optimization! Get the details in our press release.

The race is on to expand quickly in India, so Jet Airways has struck a deal worth $9 billion to buy 75 Boeing 737 MAX Jets. This order will help meet huge demand for domestic and international flights.


Amadeus has joined forces with Adobe to help airlines improve the customer experience. The partnership will allow airlines to present customized, tailored and personalized content in real time.

Boeing has revealed its first concept for a hypersonic passenger plane that could cross the Atlantic Ocean in 2 hours. This exciting tech could be available in 30 years - possibly sooner for military.

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