Happy International Women in Engineering Day!

June 23 marks International Women in Engineering Day, which is all about increasing the profile of women in engineering. I'm super happy to present my colleagues Jolissa, Agne, Auguste and Paula, who are all part of the development team at Yieldr.

Jolissa, Software Engineer

Jolissa joined the Yieldr family in November 2017 as a front-end developer. She focuses on the Yieldr websites, meaning this blog wouldn’t be here without her!

Jolissa studied English Literature and Linguistics in university, worked as a customer support rep, then found her passion for web development. This led her to a 3-month bootcamp at the New York Code + Design Academy. Now she’s sprinting through work at Yieldr and doing awesome things for the company.

Quick facts

Nationality: Dutch
Languages spoken: Dutch, English, JavaScript, SQL
Favorite thing about working at Yieldr: I love the super-friendly people and the independence we have in organizing our work.

"Working with people who have all sorts of skill sets means you learn a lot from each other."

Agne, Software Engineer

Agne has been at Yieldr since September 2017. She works in a small team of software engineers on the Yieldr Air product, where she combines the roles of full stack developer and scrum master to help her team do the best work they possibly can.

After 5 years working as a consultant at various companies, Agne made the move to software development and hasn’t looked back. She studied Mathematics and Informatics in university, with a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning during her Master’s degree – making her a perfect fit with Yieldr’s products!

Quick facts

Nationality: Lithuanian
Languages: Lithuanian, English, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, R, SQL
Favorite thing about working at Yieldr: It's a great atmosphere with a diverse group of people sharing the same values.

"The combination of creativity, innovation and constant improvement is what drives me the most at work."

Auguste, Software Engineer

Auguste joined Yieldr’s developer team in February 2017. Her main role is to work on the front-end development of the Yieldr Air platform.

Auguste spent an internship managing a daily news show back in Lithuania, then moved to Amsterdam to complete her Bachelor’s degree with a major in Science (Information and Mathematics) and a minor in Economics. She also studied Full Stack Web Development at the New York Code + Design Academy – an intense course that made her an easy choice for Yieldr!

Quick facts

Nationality: Lithuanian
Languages spoken: Lithuanian, English, JavaScript, Python, Racket
Favorite thing about working at Yieldr: I really love the opportunities and support given.

"I like pushing myself to do new things and learn."

Paula, Product Designer

Paula has been working at Yieldr since October 2016. She’s the product designer for Yieldr Air, with a ton of awards to back up her engineering and info tech background.

Paula studied a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics and received her Master’s in Graphic Technology. After graduating, she worked as a front-end developer and web designer. Paula now spends her time making the Yieldr Air platform beautiful and functional. She runs on coffee and spends her free time hitting festivals across the Netherlands!

Quick facts

Nationality: Croatian
Languages spoken: Croatian, English, Javascript
Favorite thing about working at Yieldr: Amazing people that make me smile every morning!

"Working on a product with amazing people makes tackling problems exciting and enjoyable."

If you'd like to join these smart and hardworking people in our office, then have a look at the Yieldr careers page for open positions. We're always on the lookout for talented people who want to be part of something great!

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