How to Convert Lost Customers into Revenue for Airlines

Over the past few months we've published a series of articles about abandoned cart emails in the airline industry. We are now happy to present it all in a white paper, where you can access the content in one handy PDF.

In this go-to guide, we cover the following topics:

The Lowdown on Abandoned Carts for Airlines

  1. The Potential for Airlines
  2. Why Do Travelers Abandon Online Shopping Carts?
  3. How Do Companies Tackle Abandoned Carts?
  4. What Are Airlines Doing About Abandoned Carts?

Our Research – How Airlines Tackle Abandoned Cart Emails

  1. Our Methodology for Testing Abandoned Cart Emails
  2. How Did the Airlines Do?
  3. Which Abandoned Cart Email Designs Stand Out?

How To Improve Cart Abandonment Emails and Win Back Sales

  1. Create Kickass Content
  2. Make Sure the Email Works
  3. Nail Your Timing
  4. Start Sending Cart Abandonment Emails!
  5. Review the Results and Keep on Improving
  6. Let Machine Learning Work for You with Intelligent Recommendations

After looking at abandoned carts and the potential for airlines, as well as how airlines currently tackle abandoned cart emails, it’s clear that many airlines need to improve their email strategies.

The tips we provide in this white paper can help you optimize your emails and ultimately lead to more sales for your airline.

Download the abandoned cart white paper now.

Jodi ten Bohmer

Jodi ten Bohmer

Content Marketer