Introducing The Airline Hub

We're very excited to roll out our newest content feature. The Airline Hub aims to be the go-to source to learn about the world's airlines and the technology they use.

While this is our MVP version, we would love to get your feedback and suggestions. We very much want you to become a part of it and help it to grow into a valuable resource.

What We've Built so Far

For our initial launch, we've started with 100 airlines – those airline tails are being handcrafted by our illustrator, so they take some time to produce. We'll add more airlines over time. If your airline isn't featured and you want to jump the queue, just let us know and we'll make it a priority.

As far as the airline information, we've started with country, fleet size, destinations and the types of technology being utilized. This tech includes passenger service systems (PSS), revenue management (RM), customer relationship management (CRM), email service providers (ESP) and data management platforms (DMP) – our industry sure loves abbreviations!
On the Airline Hub, just roll your mouse over the airline tails to get more info about each airline.

We've then grouped airlines into categories. For the time being, we decided to keep it simple and classify each airline as either a low-cost carrier or full service carrier. We understand it's not so simple, especially as the lines continue to blur, but we found this to be the most direct comparison. But if you see any discrepencies within the data, please let us know!

What's to Come

As we already mentioned, we'll be adding many more airlines to our initial list. As we do this, we'll also continue to develop our UX. Our roadmap includes providing search functionality and more filter/sorting options as we add more data points.

As for the types of data to be included, this is specifically where we'd love more of your feedback. What would be most valuable for you? IATA codes? Headquarters? PAX figures?

And as far as implementing and upkeep of the data, we'll be examining the possibility of implementing APIs to give us the best way to keep the data accurate and bountiful.

We'll also be rolling out more content related to the airline hub and about airline technology. For instance, keep your eyes locked here for an upcoming infographic on passenger service systems.

We're really looking forward to seeing what our newest product will grow into, and we hope you are too! Your contributions will help it realize its true potential. Again if you have any feedback or data to contribute, we'd love to hear from you. For now, have a look and give us your initial thoughts.

Joseph Vito DeLuca

Joseph Vito DeLuca

Chief Marketing Officer at Yieldr