Learn How and When Fliers are Booking

Have you ever wondered what goes into the consideration process of consumers when they shop for flight tickets?

We know that when it comes to understanding the desires of your customers and connecting them with relevant content, it's essential to know their purchasing tendencies. Such revelations can go a long way when it comes to filling planes and increasing revenue.

That's why we dove into our data within the Yieldr platform to uncover the consumer booking habits of air travelers from North America and Europe. We analyzed approximately 7 million transactions over the course of Q4 2015 – Q1 2016.

Check out our white paper to learn how far from departure consumers are booking, what hour of the day and what day of the week they book, and for how much.

Furthermore, explore the revenue generating opportunities that exist within balancing load factor and managing yield. You can download the white paper here.

Joseph Vito DeLuca

Joseph Vito DeLuca

Chief Marketing Officer at Yieldr