Meet the Team – Agne, Software Engineer

She cycles through snow storms, skateboards to work and is never afraid to ask the tough question - "But why?" It's time to meet our software engineer, Agne Grinciunaite!

Where are you from?

I am from Panevezys. It's a city in central Lithuania known for its visual fine arts, especially ceramics and theater, as well as cycling and triathlons.

What do you work on at Yieldr?

I combine the roles of full-stack developer and scrum master in a small team, where we work on the Yieldr Air product.

What was the path to your current role at Yieldr?

After graduating with a Bachelor in Statistics, I spent almost 5 years working as a consultant in several corporations in Lithuania. I eventually realized that IT is the field I want to work in.

I did my Masters in IT and AI and spent most of my study time in Barcelona, where I became very interested in deep learning and its applications. I then found a company related to my thesis topic in Amsterdam, where I spent almost 1.5 years working on my project. Afterwards I worked on several cool projects as a developer.

Now I’ve found Yieldr.

What do you love most about working at Yieldr?

I love its flat organizational structure, the company culture and - of course - my awesome colleagues.

What’s something that will surprise your colleagues?

Not hearing me saying “But why?” for a while :)

Have you had a taste of fame before?

My master thesis was selected as the best one that year and my published paper has 8 citations so far :)

If you were an animal, what would you be?

I've been asked this question several times recently and I've spent a lot of time thinking about it. But I couldn’t find anything better than being a human. So far...

You have 10 seconds to impress someone. What do you tell them?

Aren’t you impressed already?

What's your favorite plane-related song or film?

The Langoliers based on the novella by Stephen King - it's very old but I still remember it. 🙂 This means a lot, since I tend to forget films after about 3 months.

What’s one thing you want to do before it’s too late?

It’s never too late.

Have you ever missed a flight?

I’ve been very close to it several times but I’ve always been very lucky. Hopefully this luck stays with me.

Where would you love to fly to and why?

There are many places in Earth I would love to fly to and I am happy it is possible to do so nowadays. I would love to travel to space though and see the earth from above.

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