Meet the Team – Imre, Product Manager

We're giving our Barcelona-based colleagues some love for this edition of our Meet the Team series. Meet our Product Manager, Imre Vogelezang!

Where are you from?

Leiden, the Netherlands.

When did you first join Yieldr?

Movember 2011. Some said my Mario-like mustache topped the charts... ;-)

What's your main role at Yieldr?

Product Manager

What do you love most about working at Yieldr?

Honestly, I get to work on an awesome product whose aim is to disrupt an industry. What can be more inspiring? (Except for well, world peace and the like..)

What's your favorite Yieldr value and why?

As a Product Manager, of course it’s The User Leads. Putting the user at the core of our product to drive business success is what we're all about.

What's your biggest professional accomplishment at Yieldr?

Although it was just a very first step, seeing our MVP working after having sketched it together with Design and Engineering so many months before gave me a huge kick.

What's your biggest personal accomplishment?

It might be a cliche, but it’s one for a good reason. It’s the two little girls I get to call my daughters.

What's the most interesting (or unusual) job you've had?

I guess serving food at a Hans Klok magic show is mostly just funny for Dutch people.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

I’m a prototype tech geek. So anything tech-related is something I need to read.

What's your life philosophy?

Not sure whether I have a life philosophy. I like this A Tribe Called Quest quote though:

“Don't sweat what you heard, but act like you know.”

Favorite plane-related film

Does The Rocketeer count?

Favorite place to fly to


Aisle or window seat?

Are you kidding me? Of course aisle. Everyone who says otherwise is wrong.

Funniest flight experience

Being told by my co-passenger next to me that I shouldn’t be worried if she would get up from her seat and start screaming. Although flying is one of the safest means of transportation, flight phobia can be real. She slept comfortably through the whole flight, by the way.

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