Meet the Team – Phoebe, Growth Marketer

She's British, says "That's mental!" a lot and loves olive oil. She's also doing an awesome job as Yieldr's Growth Marketer. Meet Chloe Phoebe!

Where are you from?

I am from England. I grew up in a town called Tunbridge Wells, which is pretty unremarkable. Someone did make a rap about it on Youtube that goes something like, “I’m from a little place called Tunbridge Wells, there's f*ck all to do and not many fit girls”. So...

It's also known for the phrase “Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells”. It’s is a generic term used to describe a person, often with conservative views, who complains about things. It’s known for being quite stuck up!

I spent most of my adult life living in London, which I guess doesn't need explaining. It’s definitely more cosmopolitan than Tunbridge Wells.

When did you start working at Yieldr?

I started working at Yieldr last October. October 1st, 2018 to be precise. It’s also world CD player day… Biiiiggg day.

What do you work on at Yieldr?

I work in the marketing team as a Growth Marketer. I guess it’s entire funnel growth and attracting more engaged leads, particularly through digital platforms. It’s a lot of digital targeting and brand/content endorsement… Basically just promoting everybody else's really great work :)

What was your path to your current role at Yieldr?

At university, I studied Archaeology at The University of Edinburgh …. Which is how I ended up in marketing!

In reality, straight out of university I went traveling for 6 months and come back penniless, hopeless and jobless. I had no idea what I wanted to do, but a friend of mine worked at a media agency and said to apply. So I thought, why not?!

There I ended up doing PPC for Samsung for almost 2 years. In search of greener pastures, I got a job with Shelter, a U.K homelessness charity. I was a product owner for digital innovation in the fundraising department. This was centered around acquisitions and retention of supporters and strategies for income driving revenue streams. Basically, ‘make it rain’.

I moved to Amsterdam at the end of July and when my boyfriend told me he wasn't prepared to support both of us financially (sigh) I started looking for jobs. That’s when I found Yieldr! The cause is obviously very different to that at Shelter, but the strategy and implementation are pretty similar.

What do you love most about working at Yieldr?

I love everyone in Marketing you know, but I wouldn't tell them that… They are already too big-headed knowing they are the best performing team at Yieldr.

I also love Thai Tuesdays.

What’s your favorite Yieldr value and why?

I like “Be Humble”, because every time I think about it I sing that Kendrick Lamar song in my head. I’m doing it now. It’s NSFW though.

What do you love to do when you’re not in the office?

I love eating, reading, traveling, playing pranks (does that count?), cooking and collecting records. I like searching for the best flat white and recently got into watching Ajax too!

My favorite activity at the weekend though is going to the pub for chips and playing cards. I also LOVE the cinema, I’ve just got an unlimited pass so have been going 2 times per week. Mendel told me I needed to get a life, but he does also make a lot of weird jokes.

Am I allowed that many?!

What’s something about you that would surprise your colleagues?

Up until recently, I was a certified bouncer. My SIA license has now expired though so I can’t take any bookings, sorry.

If a genie appeared and gave you one wish, what would it be?

Gahhh I hate this question because I feel like I should do something for the good of mankind, world poverty or reverse the effects of CO2 emissions and deforestation, when all I really want is a puppy.

I think in my interview I answered this question and said “The ability to never get full.” That’s so weird, I must have been having an off day. I swear I'm more interesting than that! It's a miracle they hired me, to be honest.

Do you have any funny or weird flight/airport stories?

I’m really scared of flying, so when I flew to Brazil I took lots of sleeping pills. I took far too many and had these weird trippy dreams and woke up cuddling the man next to me. I think I dribbled on him too.

What’s your dream destination to fly to?

I really want to go to the Galapagos islands… It must be the bio-archaeologist in me!

Jodi ten Bohmer

Jodi ten Bohmer

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