Meet the Team – Yero, Software Engineer

His name looks like "hero" but sounds like "yellow". Luckily both words apply because he is Yieldr's web development hero, with his trademark yellow coat as his cape. We're pleased to introduce you to Yero Schutte, our software engineer for the Yieldr websites!

Where are you from?

Half-Dutch, half-Mauritanian.

When did you first join Yieldr?

November 1, 2017... So, a bit over half a year ago!

What do you work on at Yieldr?

I focus on front-end development in a small team that is in service of the marketing department. We're basically making sites that form the face of Yieldr, including the main Yieldr site, the airline hub and this very blog!

What do you love most about working at Yieldr?

The culture is great! There is so much collaboration, and after-work football and drinks is a weekly highlight.

You have 10 seconds to impress / surprise someone. What do you tell them?

I am the only person named Yero Schutte on this planet.

What's the most interesting job you've had?

Well, before Yieldr I freelanced as a music composer for short films, games and commercials! I still dabble when I find the time.

What was your path to Yieldr?

I did a 3-month bootcamp in web development at the New York Code + Design Academy over the summer. Companies came to pitch for traineeships, and Yieldr was by far the most attractive. Luckily, Jolissa and I were selected, and we now have both successfully completed our traineeships and are continuing our Yieldr adventure!

What's your favorite Yieldr value and why?

Don’t be a monkey. I like to think outside of the box; you don’t grow if you don’t try different ways of doing things.

Dream destination to fly to

Japan. SO much weirdness and nature to explore.

Window seat or aisle seat?

Aisle seat of course! I love getting my legs knocked by the food carriage every time it passes, it keeps you sharp.

Have you ever missed a flight (and why)?

Almost once by my own tardiness. The saddest part is that I had to get rid of a pot of Nutella from my hand luggage because my suitcase was too full. They threw it away but I had no time for tears! 😢

Favorite plane-related film or film scene

The Naked Gun films. Classic parody!

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