My First Year at Yieldr – Reflection Time

Today marks my one year anniversary at Yieldr. I’m writing this while I’m on the other side of the world (YAY for remote working), and I can’t help but smile to myself about how much I’ve enjoyed my first year at this company.

I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve achieved here and I’m looking forward to the next 12 months.

With all that said, here’s a list of highlights from my first year at Yieldr!

Month 1 – Web Summit

I started as Yieldr’s content marketer on November 1, 2017. On my fourth day, I flew to Lisbon to attend Web Summit with 10 other Yieldr women. It was an awesome way to get to know my new colleagues while learning and being inspired by some amazing speakers. Not a bad start!

Month 2 – Yieldr Christmas Party

Our company party was held at the start of December, and Christmas definitely arrived early with some crazy snowfall all day and night. Our celebrations included a scavenger hunt, dinner, music by our in-house DJs, a snowball fight and epic dance battles.

Month 3 – Australia Day Celebrations

Since we’re such an international group of people at Yieldr, we’re encouraged to celebrate holidays from our home countries with our colleagues. I jumped at the chance to celebrate Australia Day with a winter barbecue, beer and a long playlist of Aussie music.

Month 4 – Netflix White Paper

This was a major milestone for me – thanks to solid teamwork, we published our white paper What If Airlines Were Like Netflix?. In line with one of our values “Iron sharpens iron”, the great collaboration and rounds of constructive feedback made it a strong piece.

Month 5 – Ice, Ice, Baby

At the start of March, Amsterdam’s canals actually froze over for the first time in around 6 years. As soon as the work day was over, I went to the nearest canal with Yero and Jolissa and we WALKED ON (frozen) WATER. It was so cool to share the experience with colleagues!

Month 6 – Yieldr = 10/10

During my initial interviews for this job, I was asked to give an idea to promote the Yieldr brand. Luckily I came prepared and showed that in Scrabble, the letters in Yieldr add up to 10 points – meaning we could promote Yieldr as a 10/10 place to work. It was really nice to bring this idea to life half a year later!

Month 7 – Scrum Certified

At Yieldr, we’re 100% agile and we use the Scrum framework to organize how we work. New starters are given the opportunity to become a certified Scrum Master. After some workshops with a small group of other Yieldrs, I passed the PSM I exam and got my certificate!

Month 8 – Meet Me!

I started working on June’s Meet the Team article a bit late, so the only person who was free to answer the questions on such short notice was myself. So the interviewer became the interviewee, with me answering my own questions about life in and out of Yieldr.

Month 9 – Legs Feed the Wolf

Legs Feed the Wolf – it’s another one of our company beliefs, where further learning is valued. I was able to attend a conference in Ostrava, Czech Republic for content creators. As well as gaining new knowledge and networking, it was also a good way for me to enjoy time with old and new friends.

Month 10 – What's Your Purpose?

As a writer, some articles require a lot of research, some are easy to finish in a single session, and others require a lot of introspection. My article Have You Found Your Purpose in Life? belongs to the last category. It got me thinking about my “ikigai” and helped me realize that I can turn my purpose in reality.

Month 11 – A New Home Sweet Home

When you end up moving in with someone from work, it says a lot about the strong friendships you can build in the office. At the start of September, I moved in with our former product designer Paula and it was such a good decision! Her friend Kikkie and our very own Rita helped with the big move :)

Month 12 – Greetings from Brazil

I've used up the rest of my annual leave to travel to Brazil, with a few rainy days in between to work remotely on this article and other content-related tasks. The fact that I have the option to do this is one of the reasons I love working at Yieldr – working from another location can really help the flow of inspiration!

There are so many more highlights that I haven’t included. I love the freedom that comes with my job, I love being in the marketing team, I love connecting with everyone outside of the office, I love that I’m still friends with former colleagues.

It's been a fantastic 12 months here. I can't wait for more good times!

Jodi ten Bohmer

Jodi ten Bohmer

Content Marketer