Infographic – The Love-Hate Relationship Between OTAs and Airlines

Earlier in the year we published two articles about online travel agencies (OTAs) and their place in the online travel ecosystem. This time around, we decided to compile all of the info into an easy-to-read infographic. We also produced a white paper on the topic.

So, which trends have we noticed when it comes to OTAs?

  • OTAs continue to make a lot of money
  • Airlines are re-evaluating their relationships with OTAs
  • OTAs may eventually lose customers

We identified 4 key action points for airlines to regain their share over online sales. See the bigger picture in the infographic below. You can also save the OTAs infographic as a PDF or a JPG file.

If you want more, download our OTAs white paper for deeper insights into these trends. It includes examples from big players in the industry across different regions, a rundown of headline-making disputes between OTAs and airlines, the disruptive role of Google in online travel and much more.

You can find the original articles by Ryan, our Product Research Analyst, here:

Jodi ten Bohmer

Jodi ten Bohmer

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