What Does Yieldr Actually Do for Airlines?

It might be hard to believe, but Yieldr has been around for a decade. It’s come a long way from its early days as a programmatic marketing platform – Yieldr has evolved into a tech company focused on helping airlines grow efficiently, sustainably and profitably.

I have to be honest here. As someone who has no direct role in building our software, I used to struggle when trying to describe what Yieldr actually does for airlines.

Now that I’ve been here for over a year, I’m better able to give a basic rundown of what Yieldr offers. Since I like alliteration, I’m going to run through the 3Ps of Yieldr. Here’s the 411 on Yieldr’s purpose, the Yieldr Air product and the people behind it all.

Yieldr’s Purpose

We want to change the future of air travel. It’s a big call, but it’s something we believe in.

Airlines currently operate with an average passenger load factor of 81.5%. If you flip the numbers, that’s 18.5% empty seats. We want to reduce the number of unsold seats on planes and help airlines grow efficiently, sustainably and profitably.

What exactly does this mean?

We can drop some techy terms like “machine learning”, “predictive analytics” and “artificial intelligence” – and it’s all there. But simply put, our software is smart and lets revenue managers and marketers make better decisions, easier and faster.

From there, airlines can bring offers directly to the right customer in a way that improves the customer experience.

The Yieldr Air Product

Yieldr Air was built exclusively for airlines. Our engineers have built a software platform that brings relevant data to one central place. It then uses AI to predict customer needs. Airlines can use this info to target travelers for specific flights with an underperforming load factor. The end game is optimized revenues and profits.

The analytics is broken into two main parts. First is flights data. Here, historical flight performance and real-time market data are used to forecast and identify revenue opportunities. Second is traveler data. Traveler behavior and history are collected. Machine learning is then used to predict flights and ancillary products that potential customers might buy.

If you’ve been on our website, you might have already seen the four pillars of Yieldr Air – Collect, Analyze, Activate, and Collaborate. Here’s how it works in the platform.

Collect – Gather All Relevant Data Within One Centralized Platform

How does it work? Firstly, the Yieldr tag is added to your airline’s website for each stage of the customer purchase funnel. The data from the website is combined with that from your RM system or PSS.

We also collect information from meta searchers and data about real-world events from PredictHQ.

In Yieldr Air, objectives can be set by adding the load factor and revenue targets for different routes.

Analyze – Gain Insights into Both Your Fleet and Audience

This data is clearly visualized in the Flights dashboard of the Yieldr Air platform. This helps you to easily identify underperforming market groups, routes or flights and take action. Yieldr provides an easy way to interpret airline performance and shows where you can make the media spend and pricing adjustments needed to meet revenue goals.

All the data collected means that airlines can know beforehand where challenges might pop up, and take action before they even become a problem.

Yieldr Air Market Groups
Yieldr Air Routes
Yieldr Air Flights

See any routes or flights in danger of not reaching targets? You can drill down on the audience in the Analytics dashboard. Yieldr tracks information about your potential customers and shows the number of unique visitors per funnel step, country, device type and traffic source.

All of this is pretty useful info to understand the demand for specific clusters of flights. For example, you might want to see how many people use mobile to search for flights, or if your email marketing campaigns are driving people to specific routes.

Activate – Connect with Travelers Ready to Fly

Yieldr Air lets you save segments of customers who are likely to book specific flights. You’ll see your saved segments in the Segments dashboard. We’ve set up an easy way to share these segments with Google Ads, DoubleClick, Facebook, MailChimp and more channels so you can advertise to the right people, with personalized messages for each individual traveler.

This spans across online ads and email marketing – including abandoned cart emails, which let you recommend specific flights that an individual is highly likely to be interested in.

In the end, you’ll connect the right traveler to the seats that matter the most, all while making each flight more profitable.

Collaborate – Unify Your Entire Organization and Share Valuable Information

We believe that Yieldr Air is a solid platform to bring different teams together. Having all the relevant info in one place optimizes teamwork and presents a common goal for everyone to work towards.

If you’re the type of person who likes lists or tables, you’re in luck – here’s a breakdown of what Yieldr can do for airlines.

Collect Analyze Activate Collaborate
Ingest Revenue Data Understand Your Audience Reach Travelers on the Biggest Platforms Demolish Silos
Track Customer Behavior Visualize Demand Spoilage & Spillage Perform Dynamic Adjustments Increase Organizational Efficiency
Gather Information from All Sources Forecast Flight Performance Increase Demand For Empty Seats Measure Results Against Shared KPIs
Integrate Third-Party Data Track Your Objectives in Real Time Offer Personalized Recommendations Share Knowledge Across Your Entire Organization

Yieldr’s People

The people behind Yieldr Air are just as important as the product and purpose. They say it takes a village to raise a child… Here it takes a company to produce a platform to make airlines better.

Yieldr is led by its founder, Mendel. He’s the one with the goal to help airlines fill every plane seat to be more efficient, improve sustainability and make more profit.

The rest of us are a super international group of people within different teams.

  • Rese, Mendel's Executive Assistant, arranges his daily schedule and ensures there are no overlaps or clashes.
  • The people in the Engineering team are the brains behind our software.
  • The Product team uses their industry knowledge to plan how to keep taking Yieldr Air to the next level.
  • Marketing does branding and communication to get the word out about Yieldr – including these articles (of course!).
  • The Sales team works tirelessly to reach potential clients and prove why Yieldr Air is a game-changer.
  • Customer Success ensures our clients hit their goals and stay happy.
  • Last but certainly not least, Finance and Talent Development make sure things stay up and running at Yieldr.

So there you have it – a beginner’s guide to what Yieldr can do for airlines. I hope reading about our purpose, product and people made things clearer for you.

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