Yieldr 2.0 – The Demand Intelligence Platform for Airlines

Repositioning to Make Every Flight More Profitable

Welcome to the next iteration of Yieldr. Things have obviously changed a lot around here. Along with our branding facelift and shiny new website (which we'll get to further down), we’re evolving and becoming the Demand Intelligence Platform for Airlines.

We’ve taken our advertising technology underlayer and evolved our programmatic offering into a analytical software that provides deep insights by bringing together transactional and customer data. The drive behind our new product licensing is to provide data-savvy airlines solutions for huge problems that exist within an ultra-competitive market.

Filling the Revenue Management Gap

Since our inception in 2008, we’ve serviced the world’s top airlines and through the years gained a bevy of industry insight and experience. What became glaringly apparent was the void between what the martech/adtech market was offering and what the airlines of today need to be successful.

Although there were some pre-existing digital marketing product offerings already available, they were nothing more than one-size-fits-all solutions given a fancy travel-focused wrapping.

For airlines to fully optimize their potential, a technology was needed that goes beyond the media buying world encompassing KPIs such as clicks, impressions and conversions, and instead provides an all-encompassing business tool which directly affects the bottom line.

This is because it’s not enough to simply have a successful ad campaign to achieve actual business success. Within the airline industry, it all comes down to managing yield.

Let’s look at an example to paint a better picture.

An airline has a popular route from Berlin, Germany (TXL) to Mallorca, Spain (PMI). Like the rest of the routes, this too is part of the product feed that is integrated into the airliner's online advertising campaign.

Therefore high potential users are targeted with an offer on this route. The campaign wraps up and the metrics look great: several high-impact impressions, an outstanding click-through rate and most of all, a high ROI. So everything is wonderful, right? Not so fast.

"For airlines to fully optimize their potential, a technology was needed that goes beyond the media buying world and instead, provides an all-encompassing business tool which directly affects the bottom line."

With a bit of insight from the revenue management team (which airline marketers often lack), it turns out this route was in high demand and would have reached load capacity without any additional media pressure.

Therefore, these ad dollars – that although on the surface seem to be well invested – were actually poorly distributed, especially considering a flight between Frankfurt (FRA) and London (LGW) took off half-empty and could have used the extra exposure.

This problem is precisely why we’ve built our new enterprise solution. We close the gap between marketing and revenue management teams. Our tech ingests all relevant data sources, including CRM, revenue management, behavioral and intent data, and displays it in a centralized dashboard, granting access to every team.

By unlocking these insights, revenue managers and marketers can tailor pricing and media spending to the demand of individual flights. With a concentrated effort towards underperforming routes, airlines can fill empty seats and hit revenue targets by connecting with travelers ready to fly.

Our CEO Mendel Senf sums it up by saying, "It is and always was our ambition to build the front-end system for airlines as direct sales is the only channel which keeps airlines running profitably. When it comes to delivering a personalized customer journey from booking through to date of departure and arrival, taking control of customer data is the biggest challenge in travel marketing."

Instead of just a media buying solution or a data management platform, airlines finally have a true business solution. With our new product offering, airlines can collect, analyze and activate all relevant data in a simple and easy to understand way.

Continuing the Growth of the Yieldr Brand

These same principles are in line with our new branding. The new look is cleaner and minimalist, signifying simplicity and understandability. We’ve kept our trademark green, but brightened it up a bit to put a greater emphasis on sustainability and efficiency; two of the core pillars from the aviation world.

It’s important to understand brands aren’t static things. Just as nature dictates, brands need to continuously evolve or risk extinction. You’ll notice the biggest difference in our signature "Y". Like a tadpole developing into a frog, we’ve dropped our tail for a more mature look. Our aim was to create a straighter and more balanced logo.

This was an important branding element as we move towards working within more white backdrops to create a look that is relaxed on the eyes and easier to comprehend. This is most apparent on our websites and in our presentations as we’ve moved away from dark backdrops and rich grey backgrounds.
The evolution of the Yieldr logo
Photo provided by Paul von Excite

Enriching this new appearance is our new color palette. We keep it basic but elegant with our green, complimented by black and white. We’ve done away with our popping blue and seldom used light orange complementary colors.

To further finetune our brand, we’ve also adjusted our fonts. We’ve replaced our previous Ideal Sans font with the more universal Open Sans. This will be most noticeable when writing numbers and working with unusual characters. You’ll find our body text to be more professional looking and better aligned than before.

To make our headlines standout, we’ve adopted Brandon Text to provide a strong impactful look. Rounding out our font package is Cutive Mono, which is to be used for all written code.

Last, but certainly not least, you'll notice our famed custom-created illustrations have a more prominent role in our communications. We’ve also taken the care to improve the look and style of these as well. Our new illustrations are crafted from simple geometric shapes, putting them in line with our overall push to bring understanding and simplicity to our communication.

To learn the more thorough ins and outs of our new brand, be sure to check out our brand guidelines.

Needless to say, we’ve reached maximum excitement level here at Yieldr. We’re ready to reshape the airline industry, so prepare for take-off and enjoy the ride!

Joseph Vito DeLuca

Joseph Vito DeLuca

Chief Marketing Officer at Yieldr