Yieldr Ads Update – Campaign Goals, Branding, Speed & Security

Out with the Old; In with the New!

Over the last weeks, we've worked on more improvements to the Yieldr Ads platform. One of the most important changes you'll notice is that we have renamed the campaign goals. You can find more on this topic below.

Other updates include an upgrade of our security and improvements to the platform's loading speed. More changes will arrive in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

As always, please contact us if you notice something that can be improved/added to the platform.

Campaign Goals Renamed (!)

In our most recent update, we changed the naming of campaign goals to be more descriptive and to better represent what they optimize. No major changes though - your favorite campaign goals are still there, but now they have a different name.

Please see the overview below for both the old and the updated campaign goal names:

Old Name New Name
1. Conversions - Daily Budget 1. Funnel Traffic - Daily Budget
2. Cost Per Acquisition - Monthly Budget 2. Conversions - Monthly Budget
3. Maximize Impression Volume - Daily Budget 3. Maximize Volume - Daily Budget
4. Conversions - Monthly Budget 4. Funnel Traffic - Monthly Budget
5. Maximize Impression Volume - Monthly Budget 5. Maximize Volume - Monthly Budget
6. Impression Delivery - Monthly Budget 6. Impression Goal - Monthly Budget
7. CPA - Dynamic CTR Floor 7. Conversions - Daily Budget - Dynamic CTR Floor
8. CPA - Max Volume 8. Conversions - Daily Budget - Max Volume
9. CPC - Dynamic CTR Floor 9. Clicks - Daily Budget - Dynamic CTR Floor
10. CPC - Max Volume 10. Clicks - Daily Budget - Max Volume
11. CPM - Dynamic CTR Floor 11. Fixed CPM - Daily Budget - Dynamic CTR Floor
12. CPM - Max Volume 12. Fixed CPM - Daily Budget - Max Volume

New Yieldr Product Branding

Introducing Yieldr Ads

In order to more clearly communicate our company mission and differentiate between our bespoke products, we've deployed a multi-brand strategy. You can read about it in more detail here.

What this means for you is that you're now a user of the Yieldr Ads product. Stay tuned for many more developments here!

Other Improvements

Speed Increase

You may have noticed better loading times for the platform - specifically the campaign editor. By further optimizing the code that makes up our platform, we decreased the loading times of some pages by as much as 30%!

Security Update

A couple of weeks ago we sent you an email to reset your platform password. This password reset was required because we made changes to our authentication service. These changes further improve the security of your campaign data. If you didn't receive your password reset link for any reason, please reach out to us at support@yieldr.com.

Rens van der Lee

Rens van der Lee

Product Manager