Yieldr Ads Update – Reporting Upgrades & General Improvements

Now that summer is nearly over it's time for another update on all things Yieldr Ads.

We didn't just spend the last months playing in the sand, we were also hard at work improving your experience with our product.

Reporting Updates (Loads of Them)

Reporting Filters
We have added two additional filter options to the Reporting Overview. It is now possible to filter on Campaign Type (i.e. Prospecting, Retargeting, etc.) and Creative Size. We offer some default sizes for you to pick from, but if necessary you can also define a custom Creative Size to filter on.

Graph Data
The graph underwent some more transformations and now allows you to plot two metrics in the same view. You can now compare Impressions vs. Cost for example. We currently support four metrics to be plotted: Impressions, Clicks, (Total) Conversions and Cost.

Table Data
The data table had the biggest update with a new column for verified clicks being added and new breakdown options for campaign type, creative size and domains. Please note that the breakdown on domains makes for a (very) large set of results which (for now) we require you to download in CSV format to perform your analysis.

Stability Improvements
In September we saw a significant uplift in the number of events our Reporting product had to process. This brought to light a couple of critical points for improvement on the data processing side, which we immediately resolved as quickly as possible. This resulted in an overall improvement of stability on the Reporting Overview.

General Improvements

Save Your Campaign as a Draft
We made some changes in the campaign editor so that it now allows you to save a campaign as a draft. Simply make sure that your campaign is set to "inactive" and you will be able to save it as soon as you have defined a name for it!

URL Targeting Has Been Removed
After doing the math, we found out that the URL targeting option in the campaign editor was not being used. In order to remove some of the clutter in all the targeting settings, we decided it was best to simply remove this option altogether.

*Note: No worries, domain targeting is still there and won't be removed any time soon.

Rens van der Lee

Rens van der Lee

Product Manager