Yieldr Ads Update – Reporting Filters & New Support

As it's been a while between product release updates, it's due time to get you up to speed on all the things we've been working on.

Most notable are all the new filters and breakdowns we have added to the Platform Reporting Overview. You can read about these changes in detail below. Additionally, we've also made a lot of changes under the hood to improve the speed of the Reporting environment.

Important Notice!

On December 1, we will discontinue the automatic detection and insertion of click macros in your creative tags. From that moment forward we will display a warning in the creative editor to remind you to add these macros to your HTML tags in order to continue tracking clicks in the Yieldr Ads Platform.

Existing creatives will not be impacted by this.

For more information on creative tags and how to implement the click tracking macro properly, please check out the help article we wrote on this subject.

Reporting Updates

Reporting Filters & Breakdowns
We have added a lot of new filters and breakdown options for the Reporting Overview in the past couple of weeks.

Most importantly, the following were added:Breakdown options for day, week and month allow you to group the table data in various time intervals. Furthermore, with these groupings, (including hourly), you can better inspect activity over time.

Filters and breakdown options have been added for Browser Language and User Location (country, region, city). Filters and breakdown options for Device Types, Browsers and Operating Systems have been added.

We have limited the filter options to the main contenders for Browsers and operating systems, while grouping all other options in "other" to still make them accessible for your analysis.

A preview of the new reporting dashboard.

Changed Default Settings
By popular request, we have changed the default query for the Reporting Overview. Where originally data would be requested for the last 7 days and grouped on campaign level, you will now see that the reporting data is requested for the current month, grouped on a daily level.

Timezone Adjustments
It came to our attention that the reporting data was being displayed in UTC time by default. We have changed this behavior so that the report now automatically displays in the timezone that was set as the default timezone for the advertiser you are viewing.

Speed Improvements
Various steps were taken to improve the speed with which we request, format and return data within the Reporting Overview. If you still experience long loading times on your requested reports, please reach out to us at support@yieldr.com.

Pagination Moved
In preparation for upcoming changes we have moved the pagination for the data table to the bottom of the table.

New Support Environment
As part of a consolidation effort we decided to move all of our support material from Zendesk to Intercom. This means that the (old) support.yieldr.com webpage no longer exists and is replaced by help.yieldr.com.

We have transitioned all copy from the old helpdesk to the new environment and updated some bits while we were at it. Additionally, we have replaced the support widget in the Yieldr Ads platform to reflect the changes.

If you have any questions that are unanswered by the helpdesk environment, you can still reach out to us via email at support@yieldr.com.

Rens van der Lee

Rens van der Lee

Product Manager