Yieldr Ads Update – Timezones, Reporting & Design Improvements

A Lot of Good Things

It's time for another update on the changes happening in the Yieldr Ads platform. In the last couple of weeks, we have made a lot of progress on the new reporting suite. But that's not all. We also have added support for timezones on all your campaigns and have started rolling out design updates in the platform.

During the European summer we will continue our efforts on the reporting product and on making general improvements to Yieldr Ads.

As always, please contact us if you notice something that can be improved or added to the platform.

Introducing: Timezones

With the new direction Yieldr Ads has been heading in for the last couple of months, we felt the time was right to introduce a new feature: Timezones.

Timezones are now supported in the Yieldr platform, meaning you can now define the timezone for your campaign. This means you no longer have to calculate the time offset for campaigns that don't run in the Europe/Amsterdam timezone. You can simply set a start/end date/time and select the relevant time zone!

In case you have any worries about changing offsets during Daylight Savings Time periods: we have you covered! The platform will automatically update your campaigns to start and end at the time you have indicated.

When setting up a new advertiser, we ask you to set a default time zone, which we'll use as the standard for any new campaign that you set up. You can always override the timezone on a campaign level, directly from the date picker in which you set the start/end date/time for your campaign.

Reporting Update!

New Metrics

We have added eCPA, eCPC and CPM metrics to the reporting table.

Select Data Columns

You can now customize your report by selecting which data columns you would like to include. This also affects the CSV download.

Aggregate Data by Day/Month

It's now possible to break down your data by day or month to get a side-by-side analysis on how your campaigns are progressing.

Design Improvements

Restyled Header, Main Menu and Footer

As part of a larger project we are working on, we have restyled some of the main recurring elements in the platform. We will slowly be rolling out more updates in line with this new design, so stay tuned.

New Domain Lists editor

The editor for the Domain Lists was selected as the first to be restyled. Other editors will follow soon!

Note: We have moved Domain Lists from the Supply section to Tools as this better reflects the purpose.

Rens van der Lee

Rens van der Lee

Product Manager