Yieldr Air Product Update: Advanced Facebook Ad Targeting

We’re super pumped about our latest product update. We’re changing the game as far as Facebook ad targeting goes. We’ve significantly leveled up our Facebook ads integration.

With our old integration, we matched users with freely consented data, mainly stemming from email addresses and phone numbers. The results were already good with this integration – but we aim to not just be good, but great.

With our advanced integration, we can sync data directly with Facebook without any restrictions. This enables a whole new level of enrichment, as we can collect data over the entire course of the user journey instead of just at the payment stage.

In plain terms, you can take the supreme granularity and targeting of Facebook and combine it with your own first-party website data to supercharge your social advertising campaigns! This means that you can direct these users towards your revenue challenges. For example, presenting special deals on underperforming flights, offering ancillaries or proposing upgrades.

If you’re ready to take your data activation to the next level, reach out to us and we’ll consult you on the next steps.

Joseph Vito DeLuca

Joseph Vito DeLuca

Chief Marketing Officer at Yieldr