Yieldr Air Update – Email Integrations, Analytics Features, Better Filtering & Graphs

In the last couple of weeks, we made significant additions to Yieldr Air.

New Email Integrations

We added two major email platforms from which you can conduct abandoned cart campaigns – welcome Emarsys and Oracle Responsys to our integrations!

Analytics Updates

In Analytics, we now show the revenue generated by sales on your website. You can see the total or apply filters to see revenue generated on a specific audience segment.

Next to this, we now offer the ability to edit previously created segments and use Yieldr tracking filters to see the performance of your campaigns activated on segments created in Yieldr.

Soon we will deploy a new graph that shows how long in advance users start booking your flights.

New Filtering Options

In the Flights section, we have been implementing a query builder. Now you can filter your flights on origin/destination information, date of departure and load factor. This helps you find flights that are underperforming.

In upcoming sprints, we will continue to add extra filter possibilities, so you can filter even further on the KPIs that are most important to you.

New Graph Functionalities

We added new functionalities to the performance graph and flights table, adding a goal curve and daily pickup respectively. Now you can also switch between load factor and revenue performance in the graph and choose to see the graph by clicking the inline graph button.

What’s Next?

For the remainder of Q1, our main focus will be adding additional features to the use case Promote Underperforming Flights. We’ll be bringing the Yieldr forecast and its filters into the platform. Additionally, we’re working towards automating distress detection and activation in Yieldr Ads.

Finally, we want to extend our Facebook integration beyond travelers that have left an email address and substantially increase the size of your Yieldr audiences in Facebook. We’ll also introduce the new query builder in Analytics, so you can find and activate more granular audiences.

But for now, get in there and see for it all yourself!

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Jeroen Ten Holter

Jeroen Ten Holter

Product Owner