Yieldr Launches the First-Ever Data Activation Platform for Airlines

Yieldr rolls out new technology to increase the profitability of flights

On the heels of rebranding, Yieldr has unveiled its marketing automation technology for airlines, aimed at increasing the profitability of individual flights - a first-of-its-kind solution.

At the heart of the tech lives an enterprise solution that puts marketers in charge of valuable data and decisioning. Marketers can gain control through insight and activation tools in order to decide what flight to promote, to whom and with what message from an early stage in the customer journey.

Traditionally, it's been difficult for marketing teams to recognize which flights are in need of demand, other than through inefficient manual interactions with the revenue management team. Therefore, it's customary for marketers to fall back to pushing out standardized messaging to general audiences without tailoring the marketing push towards underperforming flights. The solution gathers revenue management, customer and behavioral information in order to give marketers a holistic understanding of market challenges and fully tailor demand towards it.

For example, a half-empty flight from London to New York could soon be departing. The marketer timely identifies this underperforming flight utilizing Yieldr’s technology and increases media spending on the flight leading to a number of additional bookings before departure.

"We haven't simply built a marketing technology, we've built a custom-tailored business tool for the aviation industry. Our solution not only improves and optimizes the sales and marketing operations, but helps airlines to achieve overall organizational excellence through digital transformation," said Yieldr CEO Mendel Senf. "Our tech captures the heart of vertical innovation, by improving the overall customer experience and making airlines more efficient across the entire organization."

Yieldr's product vision hails from its long-standing experience within the aviation industry. Since 2008, Yieldr has provided marketing services and technology to over 25 global airlines.

"Working within the Yieldr platform, we always achieve great results: helping us to be more efficient in filling seats, increasing visibility and ultimately allowing us to improve revenue, all the while saving time," said Javier Hernandez, Head of eCommerce and Marketing at Iberia Express. "It’s great to not simply have a media company working with us, but a technology that caters to and is built for the unique challenges of the airline business."

Joseph Vito DeLuca

Joseph Vito DeLuca

Chief Marketing Officer at Yieldr