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Like other SaaS companies, we love swag. If you're in the tech space, it's pretty much a prerequisite to wear your company name on a t-shirt. But why bother creating swag in the first place? Here's why we think swag is important for any organization.

You'll Create Brand Exposure

This one is a no-brainer. If we wear and use branded things in public, someone's bound to take notice. According to findings collected by Colourfast, 85% of people will remember the name of a company that gives them apparel, 87% will keep these products for more than a year and 79% are likely to do business with that company.
Yieldr travel stickers - perfect for laptops and notebooks.

Sharing is caring. We love giving swag packs, whether it's to airline professionals we meet up with or new friends who visit our office. They seem to love it too!

You'll Cultivate Company Pride (and Productivity)

On my first day at Yieldr my desk had a swag bag filled with goodies including a Yieldr t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, pens, stickers and more. It was an awesome welcome to the company, plus it immediately gave me a sense of belonging. Our swag is something we take pride in at Yieldr. On any given day in the office, you can guarantee that some of us will be rocking our Yieldr tees or sweatshirts.
Wearing our company values never looked so cool ;)

You might have heard the research about how making decisions degrades your ability to make further decisions - sometimes called decision fatigue. So by wearing Yieldr swag at work we reduce the time normally spent on picking out what to wear. This means we can spend our brain power on more important decisions in the office. Another win for productivity!

Our 5 Rules for Swag

1. Strike a Balance Between Price & Quality

This doesn't mean getting the cheapest possible production. It means setting a swag budget, weighing up the return on investment and making sure we get good value for our money. In other words, it's about finding value. Even with a tight budget, it's possible to find swag that fits your brand. It might take a bit of ingenuity and negotiating. But remember, handing out cheap swag also says something about your brand ;)

2. Make It Practical

If it's not something you'd use yourself, it's not worth making. Our wearable swag is a winner for everyone - we all wear clothes, right? For example, we know that good socks can make a big difference on a flight. So it made perfect sense to get our own Yieldr socks. Beyond that, make sure it's functional - don't produce thin, itchy sweatshirts or powerbanks that don't charge.
Our Yieldr socks mean we can finally say we're G'ed up from the feet up!

3. Make It Uniquely You

Our core color is green to symbolize efficiency, growth and sustainability. If we decided to make our swag another color such as purple or orange, we'd lose that link to what it means to be Yieldr.

But as you know, a brand is something much stronger than a color or a logo. That's why we've also intertwined our core values in some of our swag. We don't just want it to be on-brand, we want it to represent us and help share our story of who we are with the outside world.

4. Make It Relevant and Fun

It helps to tie it in your swag to what your business does. We cater to the airline industry, so our paper planes project was an entertaining way for people to learn about what we do. We're still having paper plane competitions in the office!
Our Yieldr paper planes.

5. If You Forget These Points, Learn from It!

In an article about scoring free swag, the writer has a savage yet spot-on moment when he muses:

"Lanyards. I find it odd that so many vendors choose to sink their promotional funding into a fashion accessory worn only by lifeguards and 11-year-olds at summer camp."

Let's consider this a lesson learned by Yieldr. We have a full box of lanyards in the basement and won't be ordering more anytime soon!

Swag We Love

Another great way of learning is by finding inspiration in others. Here are some companies who (in our opinion) have nailed swag.


We ❤️ Intercom. This cap has a cool take on the Intercom logo, plus the clever label inside shows special attention to the minor details. Two thumbs (or in Intercom's case, five fingers) up!


Not only do they have cool swag for sale (including awesome socks, pins and coasters!), they also give all profits to Code.org, a non-profit that's all about giving children the opportunity to learn computer science.


Although MailChimp's Freddie and Co. store is closed for business (cue tears), we couldn't resist sharing their swag! They collaborated with their customers to create limited-edition products and donated the proceeds to charity partners.

For the latest on Yieldr swag, check out our Dribbble and Instagram pages!

Jodi ten Bohmer

Jodi ten Bohmer

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